100 % digital with Artificial Intelligence + 3D design


Style3D | ASSYST launches key technologies for AI in Europe The only fully digital fashion workflow for brands & manufacturer Benefits: design, produce & promote revolutionary fast and at low cost   Munich, 28 February 2024 – At Texprocess, Style3D | ASSYST presents the power of Artificial Intelligence in a fully digital [...]

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AI + 3D/2D: Style3D | ASSYST showcases the first seamless fashion process at Munich Fabric Start 2024


Munich, 23.1.2024 – Style3D | ASSYST unveils a fully integrated fashion process for the first time at Munich Fabric Start. The international fashion-tech provider presents a seamless process spanning the entire fashion & supply chain from Brand to Manufacturer, based on the new trend colors of the Munich Fabric Start exhibition. This includes the [...]

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Style3D | Assyst at ISPO 2023: Digital 3D sportswear for sustainable growth and a new customer experience


HIGHLIGHTS Digital sports collection from idea to e-commerce For the first time! 3D design with production-ready patterns New Style3D Studio version with AIGC function Presentation on the BlueStage Munich, November 21, 2023 – At ISPO, Style3D | Assyst (B1.409) showcases the future of digital sportswear and retail. A digital 3D sports [...]

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Assyst and Style3D join forces


Style3D is sole shareholder of Assyst Integration of both product lines from 3D design to production Assyst remains independent within Style3D Assyst GmbH is as of now part of Style3D. The German fashion technology market leader and the leading 3D software company are joining forces. For Assyst customers and partners nothing will change.Assyst [...]

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TEXPROCESS 2022 - Assyst launches new photorealistic avatars and a new brand identity


In recent years, Assyst has evolved into a leading solution provider for the digitalization of the apparel industry. The company is the only supplier to offer integrated and pioneering solutions for the processes of the fashion industry. With the launch of a 3D Vidya module, the new Model Suite, Assyst has taken a decisive step forward, closing the last gap [...]

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Hans-Peter Hiemer is the new Managing Director of Assyst


Hans-Peter Hiemer is the new Managing Director of Assyst GmbH. In the course of a general reorganization of the Human Solutions Group, Dr. Andreas Seidl, the Group’s CEO, is withdrawing from the operational business, but he will continue to be available to Assyst in an advisory capacity. Assyst is setting the course for the future: The process of [...]

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ECOmmerce research project completed


Online retail continues to grow, especially in pandemic times, and with it the volume of returns, which represent a considerable environmental burden. The companies Avalution (Kaiserslautern) and Assyst (Munich), together with partners, have developed a solution as part of a research project that aims to significantly reduce the proportion of returns by [...]

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Assyst presents Vidya Award 2020 – a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld


Practical training for the garment industry is a matter close to the heart of the Assyst company. Once a year the company therefore presents the Vidya Award to give young designers the opportunity to intensively work with product development in 3D. Now the prizes were awarded in a virtual awards ceremony. "Karl Lagerfeld. A tribute to an icon of the fashion [...]

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3D technology for effective product development – bonprix relies on 3D Vidya by Assyst


With five own brands and a new collection every month, speed, efficiency and a feel for trends and quality are among the key characteristics of product development at bonprix. To make its future product development processes even more efficient and flexible – and to save resources – the internationally successful fashion company is now [...]

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3D needs avatars! Sizing & fitting as a success factor


The fashion industry today is undergoing a technological revolution, because more and more garments are being designed with 3D software. Working with 3D, however, requires a suitable avatar with up-to-date body dimension data. At the PI Apparel on Lake Maggiore on October 8 and 9, 2019, Assyst will use the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey as an example [...]

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Assyst now has a strong cooperation partner in SACO


Assyst GmbH and SACO Software and Consulting GmbH have signed a cooperation agreement. SACO is to take over the support for the ERP system BOS and the mobile order entry SAM, while Assyst will also distribute SACO’s APPone products. Digitalization needs highly specialized software solutions – and two highly specialized software providers for the [...]

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3D Vidya gives fashion wings!


Higher, faster, further – the Red Bull brand stands for sporting success. The associated Salzburg Sport GmbH designs and produces collections for Red Bull Merchandising and for the in-house fashion brand AlphaTauri. The company recently started using Cad.Assyst and the 3D simulation software Vidya by Assyst – and the design process is now being [...]

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Assyst presents the Vidya Award at Texprocess


3D from the outset – that’s the vision of Assyst GmbH when it comes to the creation of fashion and to the training of tomorrow’s designers. Assyst GmbH, a subsidiary of the Human Solutions Group, presents the Vidya Award once a year to prepare students from technical colleges and universities for the practical requirements of the industry. [...]

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Interview with Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of the Human Solutions Group


3D from the outset – throughout the entire life cycle of a product. This is the vision that Assyst has digitally implemented for the entire fashion process, ready for the Texprocess 2019. The 3D innovation process with several scenarios for design, product development and sales heralds the next level of digitalization. Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of the [...]

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3D Innovation Process – Assyst wins a Texprocess Innovation Award


3D right from the outset, across all process steps – that is the vision of Assyst GmbH, which will be presenting its 3D innovation process at the Texprocess 2019. For the first time, 3D will be used throughout the entire creation and sales process of a garment. The advantages of digitalization are more tangible than ever before – and this also [...]

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Digital Textile Connection in the Assyst booth: A color revolution for the apparel industry


Digitalization is not a topic for the future – we’re in the throes of a digital transition today! The Digital Textile Connection will be showing how the technologies of leading companies can be combined into one seamless process, creating advantages for the industry. The Digital Textile Connection will share Assyst’s Texprocess booth for [...]

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Assyst will take you to the next digital level! 3D for Design, Development and Distribution


3D DESIGN Think about taking an idea and creating a first design concept from it as quickly as possible – a concept which then becomes the basis for the further development of your collection? Assyst now makes this easier than ever with 3D Vidya Sketch. At the Texprocess 2019, Assyst will be presenting the new tool for the first time in the following [...]

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Texprocess 2019 – Reach the next level of digitalization with Assyst


3D right from the outset, across all process steps – this accelerates work processes in the fashion industry and also provides retail store customers with new shopping experiences. Experience the advantages of digitalization live at the Assyst booth (Hall 4.0, C21) – now more tangible than ever! Assyst will be focusing its comprehensive [...]

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Texprocess 2019: Collaborate now – reach the next stage of digitalization together with Assyst


The Texprocess in Frankfurt am Main from May 14 to 17, 2019 will see the Assyst team demonstrating how companies in the apparel industry are ushering in the next stage of 3D digitalization and benefiting from 3D across all product phases. Preparations for the Texprocess 2019 are already in full swing at Assyst. “We’re all running a high [...]

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Assyst at the ISPO – How Sportswear Becomes Digital


Digitalized processes massively accelerate the development of collections – and sportswear also benefits from digitalization. Assyst will be demonstrating this to visitors at the 2019 ISPO in Munich from February 3-6. 3D is the key technology for digitalization in the apparel industry. The simulation of clothing opens up many possibilities across the [...]

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Digitalization as a way out of the returns trap


If you shop online, you often order several sizes or articles to choose from – and returns are guaranteed. The transport to and from the customer and the processing – or even partial destruction – of the garments pollute the environment. Avalution, Assyst GmbH and the DITF Denkendorf are currently developing a solution based on the [...]

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Gerhard Karl is the new Head of Sales


Gerhard Karl joins Assyst in Munich as the new Head of Direct Sales. This newly created position strategically realigns Assyst’s sales organization. The company intends to use its products and solutions to advance digitalization in the apparel industry. Gerhard Karl took over as Head of Direct Sales at Assyst on September 1, 2018, a position which [...]

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Experience digitalization at the PI Apparel in Milan – Dr. Andreas Seidl to lecture on the topic


Digitalization is driving the fashion industry onwards – new technological solutions are rapidly changing familiar processes and procedures. At the PI Apparel trade fair in Milan on 11th and 12th October, Assyst will demonstrate the range of opportunities that is opened up by the 3D simulation software Vidya in product development and beyond. Dr. [...]

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Realism guarantee in 3D with Vidya – bundled know-how in one booth at the Munich Fabric Start


The fashion industry is undergoing a technological revolution – more and more garments are being digitally designed with 3D software. A realistic representation of color and materials makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of physical samples – and this in turn saves time and reduces costs. At the Munich Fabric Start, Assyst and [...]

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Fashion in 3D – young designers show what they can do


Today’s fashion is usually created digitally on computers. Anyone who decides on a profession that involves the creation of clothing should of course be creative, but he or she must also be prepared to learn to work with different software programs. Assyst GmbH, a subsidiary of the Human Solutions Group, presents the Vidya Award once a year to help [...]

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For the most realistic simulation of apparel: Assyst and X-Rite Pantone announce cooperation


3D is the key technology for the digitalization in the apparel industry – the simulation of clothing offers a lot of opportunities. For best simulation results, Assyst and X-Rite Pantone announce their soon starting cooperation, which will combine Assyst’s leading 3D simulation software for apparel with X-Rite Pantone’s outstanding [...]

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Microfactory Knit – Assyst is ready for trendsetter Jogi Löw


Will Jogi Löw set another fashion trend at the upcoming Soccer World Cup? In 2010, the sales figures of blue knitted sweaters with a V-neck worn by the national team’s manager went through the roof. The demand was enormous, but the trade was not prepared for it. Problems like these can be solved by Microfactories, because they make it possible [...]

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Texprocess Americas – Human Solutions shows the powerful potential of 3D and sizing & fitting


Digital is now! The Texprocess Americas will see Human Solutions present solutions to accelerate work processes in the apparel industry. The focus here is on the company’s know-how in sizing & fitting and in the use of digital humans in product development. One exhibition highlight will be an innovative Microfactory project together with [...]

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BRAX continues to expand its digitization program – with PLM. GoLive and Assyst


The Herford fashion company Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG with its brands BRAX, Eurex, Raphaela and BRAX Golf has taken another big step towards digitization – since January of 2018, the company has successfully integrated Assyst’s PLM. GoLive to develop its products and collections even faster and more efficiently in the [...]

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Future of shopping: Just a few clicks to a virtual fitting


How will purchasing look in the future? It’s obvious that the purchasing behavior of customers has changed in recent years. In online retailing, a wide range of selections and permanent availability are scoring strongly, while street store customers appreciate the personal advice – and the immediate availability of merchandise. So how do you [...]

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Digitization – creating real opportunities for the apparel industry


Current fashion trends are changing rapidly, and the demand for individualized products is rising – these are the challenges faced by apparel manufacturers today. Now is the time to exploit the benefits of digitization to the full – not in individual phases of product development, however, but throughout the entire process chain right down to [...]

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Digital Fashionboard – your assistant for the entire fashion process


Fashion thrives on its staging. The Digital Fashionboard helps to optimally present a digital garment from the beginning of the design process all the way to the store. Assyst, a member of the Human Solutions Group, will present two different scenarios on how the Digital Fashionboard can be used at the Munich Fabric Start from January 30 to February 1, [...]

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