Realism guarantee in 3D with Vidya – bundled know-how in one booth at the Munich Fabric Start

The fashion industry is undergoing a technological revolutionmore and more garments are being digitally designed with 3D software. A realistic representation of color and materials makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of physical samples – and this in turn saves time and reduces costs. At the Munich Fabric Start, Assyst and its partner companies Color Digital, Epson, X-Rite Pantone and Peter Buedel Accessoires will be showing how Vidya attains the next level of 3D simulation through the integration of digitalized materials.

Uniform color values from 3D design to the finished product, realistic material properties right from the outset – several experts have joined forces to develop a guarantee of authenticity for digitalized materials: Under the name “Digital Textile Connection”, Assyst, Color Digital, Epson, X-Rite Pantone and Peter Buedel Accessoires will showcase for the first time the synergies their collaboration will create for the apparel industry at the Munich Fabric Start – and how they are jointly taking 3D simulations up to the next level of realistic imagery.

Drag & drop fabrics from the cloud into Vidya

A cloud-based solution for digitalized materials was developed to achieve this ultra-realistic imagery. The materials can be integrated easily and quickly into the Vidya 3D design process using the “drag and drop” procedure. All the parameters of the fabric, such as the degree of stiffness, are taken into account, enabling the fabric to be processed and evaluated realistically onscreen.

Vidya is becoming more and more realistic

Apparel companies regard 3D as a key technology for advancing their digitalization – because only a product that is available in digital form can be integrated into further process steps. At the Munich Fabric Start, Assyst will present how the 3D simulation software Vidya is used for collection development and beyond. “Together with our partners in the Digital Textile Connection, we will be showing how perfect color and material representations are bringing 3D ever closer to reality,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of the Human Solutions Group. “The more realistic the simulations become, the more possibilities are created for using 3D data beyond product development – in sales and marketing, for instance. We will be showing what 3D can do with Vidya today and where the journey is heading.”

Come and visit us!

The joint booth of the Digital Textile Connection is located in the Keyhouse at the Munich Fabric Start.


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