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The digital ecosystem for successful fashion products in 3D and 2D

Style3D Fabric

digital fabric simulation/scanning 

Style3D Studio

3d creation & sampling 


2d pattern, grading and fitting 


nesting & order optimization 


cut order planning & cost cutting 

Style3D Cloud

3D asset library and collaboration 

Style3D iCreate & Style3D iWish

Autogenerate Designs, Try-ons, and Photoshoots 

Assyst2D Style3D.Connect

Real-time synch of CAD and 3D designs 

What are the benefits of fashion design in 3D and 2D?

Less waste

Reduce fabric consumption and quality issues


Enhance communication and avoid redundant work


Ensure production costs meet the planned margin

Customer Experience

Sell better and faster in every channel

Why Style3D | Assyst is just for you

Get the service that supports you and your business along the entire value chain


Full end-to-end portfolio 




countries with resellers 

R & D

at universities 

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