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Lifelike 3D clothing simulation, production-ready from the very first draft

Now you can bring the benefits of digitalization seamlessly to all areas of your business, from design to retail.


Design and order

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  • CAD
  • PLV
  • Trend


Revolutionary, fast development

  • Speedfashion
  • Prototype
  • VR
  • Avatars


Produce and deliver

  • CAD
  • Marker Making
  • ROI
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  Only Assyst can do this

3D & CAD are fully integrated

Only Assyst links 3D and CAD. This brings you revolutionary, short workflows from the first sketch all the way to the order.

Your pattern becomes a real 3D model automatically
Alterations can be readily made in CAD and 3D
Every 3D design is instantly ready for production (CAD, sizing & fitting, marker, design techpack)

Digitalization to go

The top 3 workflows that speak for themselves

You can further develop your market leader qualities, either with 3D Vidya by itself, or integrated in CAD & PLM. You can implement these three workflows immediately and gain all the benefits in no time at all.

USP for your own brands

Design-Techpack – When you get a perfectly documented order with 3D Vidya Sketch five minutes after the purchasing department calls, you’ll really start to appreciate 3D.

ROI and time savings

If fewer samples have to be produced, product development is shortened by many weeks and costs are massively reduced.


3D-Vidya simulations are always based on a pattern plan. A simulated garment can be produced immediately.

Leading technology for your processes

Lifelike simulation and unique data quality meet 3D professional functions

With Vidya, you can quickly develop 3D orders or entire digital first samples and trade samples – and they’re always based on the corresponding CAD cut, on real material & colors and on the body dimensions of your target group.

2D/3 integration

The cut and the simulation build on each other. Changes are tracked and mapped in 2D.

Real fabric imaging

Fabric influences appearance and sizing & fitting. In Vidya, you can simulate the fabric case live, including structures, colors, transparency and glossiness. Fast import with the Vizoo material scanner.

Digital material

Imaging of the real physical properties of a material in a simulation, using real measured values. Even seam allowances and interlinings are taken into account, and postprocessing is no longer necessary.

Variety in design

Vidya masters real, safe colors (RAL), designs and prints. You can quickly try out and evaluate new ideas, including used looks, washes and decorative seams.

Real sizing & fitting for all sizes

Coordination without a prototype thanks to the fast simulation of graded cut pieces, even with extreme sizes. Cut alterations are possible in real time and also available in CAD.

Lifelike SOOII avatars

These avatars are the real thing! SOOII avatars are no longer distinguishable from real people – and they are digitally available 24 hours a day. Perfect for the marketing of your 3D collection and in the online shop.

Design & simulate

Simulate and edit 2D designs from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in 3D, using the sizing & fitting values of your customers. The result is more creativity and faster coordination with the designer.

3D mix & match

Designs are only convincing in the right combinations – that’s why Vidya Keylooks lets you present outfits and collections in the desired design look before the model freeze.


Vidya supports the setup of a 3D modular library based on your basic patterns, so new variants for the season can be implemented even faster.

Discover Vidya

Are you ready to take your first steps into the 3D world? With our free trial version of 3D Vidya you have the possibility to test our 3D area for 4 weeks without any restrictions.

Sew your parts and simulate complete outfits with real material parameters and live rendering. (You can also generate high-quality content directly from 3D Vidya and share it with your colleagues and friends).

You will be supported by our e-learning. Learn how to use the system with simple examples and deepen your knowledge with exercises.

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3D live

How 3D digitalization pays off

Using 3D productively

BRAX starts its first 3D season with a digital house model in Vidya. The most important goals of the company are to develop faster and to extract as much benefit as possible from the 3D data throughout the entire process, from design to sales.

3D Speedfashion at P & C

With a seamless 3D process chain, Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf, implements sustainable quality, sizing & fitting and revolutionary time-to-market for its own brands, creating the basis for more growth.

A logical decision

The top 5 reasons why you should opt for 3D Vidya

3D with Assyst makes you competitive and gives you all the benefits of digitalization. That speaks for itself.

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