Whistleblower and complaints process at Assyst GmbH

At Assyst, we are committed to upholding lawful and ethical behavior, which extends to addressing and preventing any unlawful activities.

Internal reporting centre

To facilitate this, we have established an internal reporting center in compliance with the Whistleblower Protection Act. By doing so, we ensure adherence to the legal requirements outlined in the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG), offering a platform for individuals to address and clarify any instances of unlawful behavior.

Our reporting center aligns with the European Directive on which the Whistleblower Protection Act is based, providing whistleblowers with a secure environment to report offenses specified in Section 2 of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

For you this means

For individuals associated with us, whether as employees, applicants, or business partners, this means you have the right to report violations through the Assyst whistleblower channel. This encompasses a range of offenses, from those punishable by law and fines to environmental transgressions. Reports can be submitted verbally or in writing, and anonymity is fully respected.

We encourage an open and transparent approach, fostering a culture where everyone can contribute to maintaining the highest standards of integrity within our organization."

If you wish to report an offense, kindly click here