Saving fabric and protecting the environment

Automarker automatically creates high-quality markers throughout the entire collection cycle. You save time and material, reducing costs and your carbon footprint. With customizable laying rules, you can always meet your quality requirements while also securing and preserving your expert know-how in a sustainable manner.

Balancing peak loads and saving time

Instead of manually laying out one marker at a time, with Automarker, you can lay out all orders in parallel in the shortest possible time and directly pass them to the production partner. This ensures smooth processes, saves time, and helps to mitigate peak loads.

Connecting suppliers and automatically avoiding errors

All orders are transferred in the correct format, regardless of the CAD system. Simply output the data in the required plot or cutfile format, select the production partner, and transmit the order.

Automated nesting in the cloud - always on, efficient and adopted to your needs

How Automarker works for you:
from CAD to Cutter


You can start Automarker directly from your CAD software or upload your patterns to the secure Automarker cloud.


Automarker calculates the pattern efficiency for various size combinations and displays the highest fabric utilization. Material width, laying requirements, and individual settings are taken into account.


Der Auftrag wird automatisch zusammengestellt und enthält auf Wunsch Marker-, Plot-, Cut- und PDF-Dateien. Schnittbildauftrag auswählen und dann über Automarker versenden.


Sie können gängige CAD-Daten in Automarker nutzen und die Schnittbilder in gängige Formate für Plotter und Cutter ausgeben.

The Automarker advantage
Ensure quality and know-how in your process

With Automarker, you can ensure the quality and efficiency of your process: The cutting patterns are directly selected from the Assyst.CAD database. Automarker ensures continuous data flow and automation up to the cutter/plotter. Even during peak times, you can deliver on schedule by defining precise quality requirements for each model and conveying your expert knowledge just in time to production partners worldwide, without any loss of information. This way, you can ensure quality even before cutting. This service is available worldwide, 24/7.

Optimal service quality and efficiency during peak times

The Rofa Fashion Group optimizes lead times in work preparation, material usage, and order communication across various locations using Automarker and Autocost. The result is perfect service and optimal quality despite a significant number of variations, for example, around 250 for a blazer per season.

How to get started with structured marker making





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