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    Automation makes added value grow

CAD on a course for advantages

No CAD system brings you advantages in cost, time-to-market and quality as quickly as the leading CAD technology on the German market.


Develop faster

3D integration and intelligent tools & modules help you work faster and give you more time for creativity.


100% automation

Smart automation takes over routine tasks and executes even complex tasks reliably


Cut costs

A high level of efficiency in your own CAD/3D library – no redundancies, top data availability and outstanding data management.

  Only Assyst can do this

3D & CAD are fully integrated

Only Assyst links 3D and CAD. This brings you revolutionary, short workflows from the first sketch all the way to the order.

Your pattern becomes a real 3D model automatically
Alterations can be readily made in CAD and 3D
Every 3D design is instantly ready for production (CAD, sizing & fitting, marker, design techpack)

Digitalization to go

High performance CAD with 3D and sizing & fitting inside

Actively save time in pattern design, integrate 3D and work on the same pattern all over the world. That’s normal with Cad.Assyst

The smart technologies

The intelligent tools Smart.Guide and Smart.Measure give you around 20% more efficiency. Smart.Pattern goes much further.

Data management

The Cad.Assyst database with its modular logic is extremely flexible at managing 2D patterns and 3D simulations – and that includes version management.


Cad.Assyst easily handles most of the popular formats on the market in extremely high quality – including Investronica. If required, the entire pattern can be analyzed and reconstructed.

Smart.Pattern Macros

More than 200 routine macros are available in our macro library – and they will save you a lot of time.


3D Preview in Cad.Assyst, plus transfer of changes and markups from 3D simulation to 2D cuts and vice versa.


Self-running pattern construction steps (macros) take over time-consuming routine tasks. This gives you speed, uniformity, avoids mistakes and helps you to use your specialists’ knowledge effectively.

3D grading in Cad.Assyst

It’s intuitive, visual and fast. 3D grading is created for a complete size range, professional competence and in-house grading rules included.


The integration of Cad.Assyst with 3D Vidya, Marker Making and PLM links development and production smoothly, creating one continuous workflow.

Working together worldwide

Thanks to Assyst’s Fashion Cloud, you’ll always have access to all CAD and 3D data. This is hosting in a high security data center in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001.


What Cad.Assyst does in practice

Technical possibilities that help to get ahead

You can feel the passion for fashion and the love of detail in every one of the 1,500 to 1,600 models that Bogner develops each year – and the company also uses Assyst technology to ensure profitability. Pattern construction is done with Cad.Assyst and Smart.Pattern.

Ensuring quality abroad

Using clear guidelines and practical tools, s.Oliver ensures fast, solid results from its production partners – and Smart.Pattern is an important system for the company, which uses it for all standard cut elements such as linings, interlinings and templates for blazers.

#1 in CAD

What makes Cad.Assyst special

Technology, innovation and practical relevance make us the first choice for fashion professionals.

Get smart automation with Cad.Assyst!

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