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Make patterns and gradings

Fashion professionals simply love the sophisticated fit, grading and intuitive Smart technology that makes Assyst.CAD (CAD.Assyst) the leading fashion pattern making system in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Managing and re-combining pieces

The Assyst.CAD database with modular logic flexibly manages 2D patterns and 3D simulations. This creates transparency and facilitates version control and teamwork.

Automate pattern design tasks

Smart.Pattern macros efficiently perform tedious tasks, saving valuable time and reducing errors. With a library of over 200 routine macros, you can easily streamline your workflow. To get you started, 10 macros are included free of charge.

The Smart technologies in Assyst.CAD:
work more intuitive and gain time

Assyst.CAD is integrated throughout the development process

Only with Assyst, are 3D, CAD, pattern making, and order planning directly connected. As a result, data from Assyst.CAD (Cad.Assyst) is available throughout the entire fashion development process, from 3D design to production

Work in 3D with a fully developed 2D pattern from Assyst.CAD ready for production

Create markers manually or automatically directly from Assyst.CAD (Cad.Assyst) with direct specifications from the pattern

Specific grading data: Intuitively, visually, and quickly generate grading for a complete size range - including individual grading rules for your brand.

Collaborate globally: With Assyst's Fashion Cloud, you can ensure access to all CAD and 3D data. Hosted in a European high-security data center in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001

Special benefit - connectivity through data conversion
Assyst is open to third-party systems.

A mixed cutter or plotter landscape, greater flexibility in support, or the introduction of 3D and automation are common reasons for switching to Assyst.CAD.

With Assyst, you can connect your systems to each other. When transferring to Assyst.CAD, we ensure that you can continue to use your cutting data - no matter which system it comes from.

Assyst supports most of the common formats in the market with high quality. If necessary, the system can reconstruct the entire pattern. Our expert team actively supports you in your conversion project.

The modules of Assyst.CAD

Assyst.CAD (Cad.Assyst) covers all areas of pattern design up to the connection to plotters or cutters and also offers valuable specializations for MtM, for example.


Data Conversion

Pattern design & Grading

Data Management


Made to Measure

Plotting & Cutting

Marker Making

Change to Assyst.CAD for innovation, automation and end-to-end processes

Kübler Workwear plans to use Assyst.CAD, Autocost and Automarker to create an end-to-end process from pattern development to production. "With Assyst's technology we are well positioned for the future and for our growth plans. The consistency from pattern design to marker making and job planning is very valuable to us. Errors cannot occur in the first place and we have comprehensive cost transparency for customer quotations." Manuela Banzhaf, Kübler Workwear

How we help you get started with Assyst.CAD

You can install Assyst.CAD at any time (even remotely) and start using it immediately. We advise you on the conversion from other CAD programs such as Gerber, Lectra or Investronica


Start with your individual conversion or roll-out plan


Comprehensive trainings & tutorials by highly-qualified pattern makers


Support on demand or based on a service contract

Discover Assyst.CAD live and get answers to all your questions on changing systems.

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