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Project planning, competence development and confidence in dealing with new technologies are the prerequisites for projects that successfully implement change. Integrating 3D Vidya into your processes from the outset requires a precise project plan, consulting, personnel capacities and the selection of suitable product groups to get started with 3D. Our experts will help you to forge new paths, secure highly qualified competence at peak times and significantly improve your performance – and we have proven that we can do this many times.


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Full-Service: 3D innovation process

Whether it’s passive contract processing, full purchase, in-house production or merchandise trading , we’ll analyze your processes and decide together with you which integration possibilities and potential for optimization exist along your product development process chain. Experience the benefits of digitalization with our proven 3D innovation process. It enables a completely new order flow and closes the digital gap between product development and the store.

Innovation: Fashion 4.0

Create fresh momentum for better prototypes and products with 3D Vidya. The fashion industry is changing. Online shopping, growing environmental awareness and increasing demands from international markets are posing new challenges for the development of apparel. We will bring new technical possibilities and research results to your product development – a digital showroom, digital photo studio, and the perfect avatar for every step of the process.

Agile development – product development with 3D

We’ll provide you with support that meets your requirements exactly, using outsourcing, insourcing and project coaching. If there is a lack of skilled personnel or if they are needed at peak times, we’ll support you in all areas of your digital product development. Our experts will bring their experience and manpower to your organization on a project basis.

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