In fashion, everything starts with fabric

With digital fashion you can enhance the way you work and make faster and better decisions.

How to work with fabric swatches digitally?

There are many things you can do with digital fabrics before going back to the physical material. Explore fabric scans in digital fashion design for brands.


Multiply, test, enlarge, recolor, simulate your digital fabric samples

Create an experience

Add to interactive trend books, libraries and showrooms

Develop designs

Create 3d garments and test many versions and precisely forecast the amount of fabric needed

Share & decide

Collaborate and select the fabric for your new collection


Buy your fabric online from your favorite supplier


Produce an array of amazing digital garments - ready for production

Why do we excel in digital fabrics?

Style3D invests heavily in researching the digitization of fabrics. The result is a realistic representation and simulation of optics, texture, and physical parameters (density, weight, stretch, elongation). Not only for digital fabric swatches but also for 3D garments in motion.

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