Assyst will take you to the next digital level! 3D for Design, Development and Distribution


Think about taking an idea and creating a first design concept from it as quickly as possible – a concept which then becomes the basis for the further development of your collection? Assyst now makes this easier than ever with 3D Vidya Sketch. At the Texprocess 2019, Assyst will be presenting the new tool for the first time in the following scenario:

Hong Kong: A Digital Fashion Board will be used to work with the Trendscouting app. Inspirational thoughts about a specific theme are documented on the Board, resulting in ideas for a garment – and thanks to 3D Vidya Sketch, the first design concept is now rapidly created and shown live to the client in Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt, the design is also viewed on a Digital Fashion Board and edited in team collaboration – all in real time in the Cloud. For example, the sleeves can be lengthened or shortened live and the participants in Frankfurt and Hong Kong can decide together which version will be used in product development. Individual garments can be viewed on a tablet, in augmented reality on the avatar. Once the design has been approved, a Techpack with additional information for the supplier can be created with just a few clicks.


The design is ready... so now we continue with 3D product development. This is where the first digital sample is created and the crucial decisions for a collection are made. At the Texprocess 2019, Assyst will be showing the Digital Development Line, in which designs for sample pieces are worked out. The cut is finalized with Cad.Assyst, iSize provides the optimal sizing & fitting and 3D grading is used to specify the different sizes. The sizes can be physically checked on SizeGERMANY fashion manikins or on a virtual sizing & fitting avatar. Placement instructions are then prepared with Automarker and Autocost for optimal material utilization.

The highlight of 3D product development with Assyst is the new Digital Photo Studio, where the 3D data is prepared for the webshop or as high-end photos for the catalog.


The collection is ready, and now it’s time for the Digital Showroom, because the retailer wants to personally select the collections or garments that he’ll be selling later in his store. In the Digital Showroom, various physical samples are displayed, giving the retailer a realistic impression of the quality of the products, which he can inspect and hold to a digital table. A Digital Fashion Board then displays color variants, for example, additional information, ideas for sales campaigns and much more. Keyword – Assortment Planning: Thanks to the link to the PLM system, the retailer’s order is prepared according to turnover. He can place the order digitally, after he has seen all the information that’s important for him.

There’s also a store scenario that presents completely new shopping experiences for the retail store customer – including a virtual fitting session on an individual avatar.


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