Assyst.Vidya combines both design and product, 3D simulation and 2D pattern. 
So you can save physical samples and increase quality along the supply chain.

Our release 20.22 offers powerful new features. Check them out below.

Outstanding image quality


High-end materials

Material textures are displayed in photo quality. Great for knits or fabrics with distinct surface textures.

Highly realistic studio quality avatars 

Assyst models with highly realistic texture, hair and many natural details. 

True-to-life simulation


High-end renderer

High-end texture rendering via displacement maps in the high-end renderer

Real-time renderer

Neck hole and folds with very good optical quality thanks to soft shadows and soft spotlights in the real-time renderer

More substances and accessories

New material for creative designs is available in the Assyst data package or with Adobe Substance, DMX Cloud (new) and Vizoo.

Used effects or hole patterns at a high level

Visualize and evaluate real holes. Add effects to hole areas for example fringes or darkness. Washes and other effects can be placed on top of each other.

Adobe Substance in 3D Vidya

More usability 

Adopt and transfer properties of pattern parts or seams with a click - and save time

Pick up colors quickly with pipette - a favorite feature of our customers!

Faster 3D sewing with many new 2D/3D makros

Experience the innovations in 3D Vidya 20.22 live. 

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