3D Vidya:
Fashion Design & 3D CAD

Assyst's 3D fashion design software 3D Vidya enables you to develop digital apparel products, helping you to save samples, time and costs

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Highend simulation of pattern, material & human

Assyst combines real body dimension data, product-ready pattern data and precise material parameters for studio-quality designs.

Digitally secure fit for all sizes

By simulating on the graded pattern, 3D Vidya lets you quickly simulate your designs in all planned sizes and check the fit - even for marginal sizes.

Save physical samples - develop sustainably

Every physical samples costs water, energy and time: 8,000l for jeans or 2,500l for a T-shirt. With 3D samples in Assyst.Vidya, you can develop more sustainably, faster and more cost-efficiently.

3D Vidya: digital simulation of apparel products

Creativity and technology, design and craftsmanship. 3D Vidya creates digital products with high-quality design, secure functionality, and precise fit.

The benefits of 3D Vidya


Shorter lead time: up to 50% time savings are possible. More time for creative ideas and quality assurance


Cost efficiency and secure margins: cost of goods sold (COGS) decreases by up to 80 %


First time right: half of your designs can go into production today without physical samples.


Relief for employees and the environment: workloads and oversampling can be reduced by up to 60%.

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Plan your start with 3D with the Assyst team


Training with 3D and pattern making professionals + building of your 3D libraries


Support on demand or with maintenance contract

Experience 3D Vidya live and learn how to work quickly and cost-effectively.

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