Re’Ad 2019 – Digital and sustainable fashion

The fashion industry today is primarily shaped by two social topics, digitalization and sustainability. Both of these interlock and influence each other – the desire for more sustainability and for resource-saving working drives the demand for digital solutions and worksteps.

However, the industry still has many questions to answer. For example, how can processes be implemented faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively to make them future-proof and sustainable at the same time? Which experience values exist? Which software and hardware is available? How can the industry work together to bring about the digital transformation? Answers to all these questions will be sought in Düsseldorf by the participants of the Re’Ad Summit on November 7, 2019. This is the Summit where experts from different fields come together to share their knowledge and create fresh momentum.

Assyst is the partner of the event. Together with Ahlers Managing Director Wolfgang Weber, our Sales Director Gerhard Karl will be showing how 3D can change, accelerate and improve the entire process of clothing design, development and distribution. The sustainability aspect? The better the digital prototypes, the fewer are the samples that need to be made – and sent halfway around the world. Tim Günzel, Products & Project Manager at our sister company Avalution will be presenting the results of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey – and showing the Summit participants how 3D data and body dimensions make products better in product development, and also make solutions possible, such as a virtual size recommendation for the customer in the retail store.

We’re also looking forward to a highly interesting lecture by Antje Christophersen from the Lower Rhine University of Applied Sciences, during which she’ll be showing us how talented university students – in their roles as future drivers of digitalisation – will also change how work is done in companies.

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