3D Vidya impresses at Re'Ad Summit 2018

Which garment is photographed, which is a 3D simulation? The audience at the Re'Ad Summit 2018 of the German Fashion Institute in Düsseldorf could only guess when Jule Widmann and Birgit Wiech from Hugo Boss showed pictures from their product development with 3D. That's how good the digital prototypes have become.

Digitalization has arrived in the fashion industry – 3D is the key technology. At the Re'Ad Summit 2018, Jule Widmann and Birgit Wiech from Hugo Boss reported on their experience in product development: "A good 40 percent of the collection is now developed virtually and can do without a first prototype, and in many cases even completely without physical prototypes.”

The speakers at the Re'Ad Summit 2018 agreed that individual solutions are not enough. A continuous digital process is needed, especially in product development there is a lot of potential through interlocking IT solutions to produce clothing more cost-effectively and faster. A positive side-effect is that the elimination of physical patterns also reduces environmental pollution. And product development is just the start – the data contained in a 3D simulation can also be used beyond.


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