3D needs avatars! Sizing & fitting as a success factor

The fashion industry today is undergoing a technological revolution, because more and more garments are being designed with 3D software. Working with 3D, however, requires a suitable avatar with up-to-date body dimension data. At the PI Apparel on Lake Maggiore on October 8 and 9, 2019, Assyst will use the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey as an example to show how important up-to-date knowledge of the target group’s body dimensions is for market success.

The average body circumference of the US population has increased significantly. This is one of the truly significant findings of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey, during which around 18,000 people in the USA and Canada were measured with 3D body scanners. This is crucial information for any fashion company that also produces for the US market – because if that company is to be successful in America, its individual sizes classification system must be accurately adapted to the sizes that are prevalent in the country today.

“The average Body Mass Index (BMI) determined by the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey is the highest value to date,” says Andreas Seidl, CEO of Assyst. “This means that the proportion of overweight people in the USA is much higher than in other nations. These results are tremendously important for the apparel industry – and by integrating them into your brand strategy, you not only ensure better sizing & fitting, you also increase your chances of generating more sales.”

Size NorthAmerica provides brand-new and detailed information on specific target groups and market potential that has never been available in the past. For the first time, this data is now available on the iSize online portal, so companies can first filter and evaluate it to match their individual target groups, then integrate it into their sizes table, or use it to create an avatar for 3D product development.

At the PI Apparel on Lake Maggiore, Assyst will be presenting the results of the measurement survey carried out by its sister companies Avalution and Human Solutions of North America. Visitors will be able to see for themselves how Assyst’s solutions for the fashion industry enable the quick and easy integration of sizing & fitting information into the digital fashion process.



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