New Vidya release – creating the perfect basis for decision making

The Vidya 20.18 release makes the creation of complex outfits easier and its pioneering innovations ensure user-friendly handling – saving time and costs.

Drafts with 3D Vidya create optimal decision bases for product development, so after production the old saying applies, “What you see is what you get.” This is especially true in the case of complex designs, which the latest release of 3D Vidya simulates on a breathtaking new level. Whether it’s linings, lapels or folding cuffs, garments with several layers are now displayed more realistically than ever before.

The function “Mirror and opposite pattern” has fulfilled the wishes of many users: Both sides of a garment are completely visualized, and they can be highlighted and further processed. This intensifies the interaction between Cad.Assyst and 3D Vidya.

The new hull surfaces are yet another innovation. They also offer optimal assistance during the transition from 2D to 3D, because the parts to be sewn can now be easily placed in the correct position using drag & drop. Also new: The handling of belts & tunnels and the rolling up of sleeves & pants legs is now much easier.

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