ISPO: We make fabrics digital

Assyst makes it possible: Twice a year, ISPO awards prizes for innovative fabrics and components used in the manufacture of sportswear – but how can the award-winning fabrics be optimally presented to the public at a virtual trade show? Assyst digitized 75 of the competition entries received.

Assyst has put its experience in digitizing fabrics with photorealistic quality and real material properties at the service of the ISPO Textrends Award and, together with other partners, has made it possible for the fabrics submitted for the competition to be available digitally at ISPO Munich Online. For this purpose, the fabric samples were scanned by the company Vizoo, and the Technical University of Dresden determined and digitized the physical properties of the fabrics. All the data and the real fabrics then went to Assyst.

"We merged the different data in 3D Vidya and repeatedly compared and further optimized the fabric, its characteristics and texture on the real example," said 3D consultant Sarah Kienzler, who carried out the project at Assyst. "It was important to us to make the fabric available digitally as precisely as possible. We then draped it in different ways to make the behavior of the fabric comprehensible. Additionally, we designed and simulated 3D garments for which the fabrics could be used." In this way, a comprehensive material package has been created for each fabric, allowing designers to get a realistic impression of the fabric's texture – just as if they were holding it in their hands at the trade show. The fabrics are hosted on the company's Foursource platform.

Those who already work with 3D in product development know that the availability of realistic digital fabrics matters. "We have the expertise to make fabrics digitally available and thus integrate them into the entire apparel development process from the very beginning," says Dr. Martin Lades of Assyst. "We are pleased to demonstrate this expertise by means of the ISPO Textrends Award and will be happy to answer questions about this crucial topic at ISPO, but also elsewhere."

We will be at ISPO Munich Online from February 1 to 5, 2021 with a digital Brand Room. Individual online appointments are also possible here - we look forward to your visit! If you would like to register for an appointment with us, please contact us.



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