A color revolution for the apparel industry

Digitalization is definitely not a topic for the future, because we’re in the throes of a digital transition today! The Digital Textile Connection (WEBSITE) shows how the technologies of leading companies can be combined into one seamless process, creating massive advantages for the industry. For the first time, it’s now possible to define colors in a unique code that’s completely independent of the material, of the individual perception and of the medium on which it is viewed. Common procedures in the early phase of product development are hugely simplified, accelerating processes right from the start. A designer photographs a flower the color of which inspires him. He wants to integrate that exact shade into the new collection. In the past, this meant multiple adjustments until the shade was determined – then it was tested in each further process step until the end product approximated the original color as closely as possible. Thanks to the consistent harnessing of the potential offered by the latest technologies, the digital code of the color is now bindingly defined, is available to all parties at any time and can be reliably retained across all the different stages of garment product development.

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