DTB Infoday - From digital body and pattern data to virtual catwalks

Digitalization has arrived in the fashion industry and many of the well-known fashion companies have started to rethink their processes and to use the 3D tools that are on the market today. Nevertheless, we are only at the very beginning of digitalization in the fashion industry and there is still a lot to discover and develop. Digital product development plays a big role when it comes to bringing a new garment to market and DTB invites you to a theme day on this on June 23, 2021. Even though many things are already possible today, there are different needs along the process chain. If you take the topic of avatars, for example, it is advisable to use different avatars in the process steps. When it comes to the sketch or the first idea at the beginning of the design process, an avatar that is perhaps the standard size 36 in which the product is developed is sufficient. But as the process progresses, it's important to consider balance and individual fit aspects. For this, there is then another avatar, so-called fit avatar, which shows where there might be fit problems. At the end of the process, when it comes to staging the part, you need a photorealistic avatar that looks best like a model. The presentation by Anke Rissiek, an expert in the analysis and development of 3D data and avatars, will also focus on the possibilities offered by the analysis of representative 3D data from different measurement surveys and the generation of avatars. She also reports from the practice of company-specific avatar development and shares her experience as well as success factors. Bettina Peichl from Assyst also addresses the topic of avatars in her presentation and shows how customers can be involved in product development at a very early stage.


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