How does the substance get into the digital world?

To capture a fabric realistically digitally, it has to be scanned on the one hand and simulated on the other. Through a real-time rendering, you get immediately visible results in Vidya: not only structure and haptics are shown, but all kinds of materials from matte to glossy to the smallest detail - everything is captured by the scanner. This applies to plain and patterned fabrics but also to the representation of knitwear, lurex, leather and much more. The downstream simulation of the fabric requires that the physical drape properties of the fabric are taken into account by a real-time rendering in the simulation. The parameterization of the fabric behavior in warp, weft and diagonal direction is an important prerequisite for this. Even with given data, such as DIN and ISO standards, the reverse is conceivable and corresponding standards can be imported. Different material zones for seam allowances and inserts as well as the display of coarse, fine, stiff, elastic, thick and thin materials becomes possible. The scanned surface properties together with the simulation of the physical drop properties result in the realistic simulation in optics, drop behavior and cutting technique.


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