Texprocess Highlights 2019 – 3D Design

Take an idea and create a first design concept from it as quickly as possible – a concept which then becomes the basis for the further development of your collection? Assyst now makes this easier than ever with 3D Vidya Sketch.

Assyst will be presenting the new tool at the Texprocess 2019 for the first time, directly integrated into a collaboration process between two partner companies. We will show you an example of how worldwide cooperation can benefit from 3D.

Hong Kong: The design process starts with collecting ideas and creating inspiration on a Digital Fashion Board with the Trendscouting PLM module. This is where the first ideas for a garment are born. Thanks to 3D Vidya Sketch, the first design concept – with color and pattern variants – is rapidly created. Then it’s time for live collaboration with the producing partner company.

The design concept is also viewed on a digital fashion board by the Frankfurt team which collaborates with you on enhancing it – and it’s all done in real time in the Cloud. For example, the sleeves can be lengthened or shortened live and the teams in Frankfurt and Hong Kong can decide together which version will be used in product development. Individual garments can also be viewed on the avatar in augmented reality on a tablet. And once the design has been approved, a Techpack with additional information for the producer can be created with just a few clicks.


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