Four steps to more efficiency with Cad.Assyst

Cad.Assyst is getting closer to the intelligent pattern with every technological leap. The depth of interaction between 2D and 3D is also constantly increasing, so Cad.Assyst has significantly expanded its range of applications as a design tool, becoming a reliable help for routine tasks and tuning processes.

1. Pattern construction – intuitive, visual, and fast

Fewer clicks means time saved and fewer careless mistakes. Our smart helpers are Smart.Filter, Smart.Guide, Smart.Label, Smart.Measure, Smart.Texture and Smart.Placement.

2. Work better with 3D in CAD

When 3D and CAD go hand-in-hand, this opens up completely new possibilities in design, such as grading on the 3D body. Thanks to the synchronization between Cad.Assyst and Vidya, changes made in 2D are transferred directly into 3D – and a 3D preview is then possible in Cad.Assyst.

3. Delegate routine tasks

Isn’t it great? Monotonous routine tasks are performed automatically! This not only makes your work much easier, it also guarantees quality, since tasks are always carried out correctly using the same proven method.

4. Everything always ready – all data in the Fashion Cloud GoLive

Are we really working at the same level or in the same version? With CAD data in the Fashion Cloud, all your company employees and partners always have access to the latest data – in 2D and 3D.


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