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3D simulations with Vidya are the key to a faster response to trends. The goal? To produce what the customer really wants.

The biggest advantage of 3D with Vidya is time saving. If the product is right, new variants can be created quickly with 3D. Is a shirt selling particularly well? Seasonal colors, slight alterations to the collar, embroidery or an innovative print – new variants can be simulated on the computer with just a few clicks. “We often had to wait up to 12 weeks for a producer’s physical pattern – now we can often approve its draft design in just a few hours.” We often hear that from our 3D customers.

No winter jackets in summer – better timing

In recent years, many processes in the industry have been changed to reduce costs. “However, product development has been more or less neglected in the past,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl. The products simulated with 3D not only speed up the approval of the design, they can also bring clarity to communication with the producer, and they can be used in the digital showroom for the order process with the dealers or for the presentation in the online store. “We can no longer pursue the goal of having goods in the shop even earlier – we don’t need winter jackets in summer temperatures. Our goal must be to get to a position where product development can be started later – when we actually know which trends the customer is following,” says Seidl.


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