A virtual avatar instead of fitting session stress

Customers buy an experience and not just a garment. Thanks to this process, the digital and real world complement each other perfectly.

The team

Sales person and product manager.

Your customers who want to look good (and maybe work) in garments that fit just right.

Shopping with an avatar – I get my digital image on my smartphone in just a few seconds at the Avatar Counter. It’s all based on a few easy questions. Finished!

I only try on what fits – so now I look at what’s on offer as usual. I like a pair of pants, so I scan the code – and I instantly get a size recommendation.

A great selection on top of that – you also get tips for combinations. So I quickly find a super top to match my pants, and in the right size of course. I nearly missed that!

Speed up your processes with 3D what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

The virtual and real worlds go hand-in-glove. The store solution is based on Assyst’s Bodyprofiler technology for sizing & fitting-based product recommendations. When you enter just a few details, a realistic avatar is created for digital shopping – and additional product information and the recommendation of more products make the shopping experience just perfect.

Do you want this too?

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