Quickly identify what fits whom

A new tender? With 3D data, we create competitive advantages, from offer to service. This creates transparency for our customers and considerably more profit for us.

A sound basis for offers – we carry out fitting sessions with body scanner and analysis software. Now we know the exact size structures and sizing & fitting requirements.

Better sizing & fitting, transparent calculation – the 3D body dimension data of the workforce is included in the offer. Our customers appreciate exact forecasts for production and delivery quantities. All costs become transparent and can be logically justified.

Service Plus in fitting – with 3D data and the Virtual Scanner, processes are completed three times faster at the service point, simply because statistical analysis replaces costly fitting sessions. This makes us happy, and it also saves a lot of our customers’ time. Simply perfect.

Speed up your processes with 3D what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

  • The Body Scanner – captures highly accurate body dimensions in just a few seconds for a wide range of applications with low tolerance. The Anthroscan software takes care of the measurement and analysis of the body dimension data – reliably, uniformly and with results that can be reproduced at any time.
  • Virtual Scanner – “Scanning without a scanner” is perfect for e-commerce and product development. Even the simplest details like gender, size and age are enough to create a representative avatar for an individual person or a target group.

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