Win new customers with 3D

New markets promise growth – but are they also profitable? We want to keep our product portfolio compact, so we need to know which new markets will involve the least changes for us?

Make reliable decisions – in iSize, we analyze the data of our target group in all regions. It instantly becomes clear where the sizing & fitting deviates and which segments will be profitable.

International sizes – slight alterations to our size table will increase our market share in all regions. Avatars are created at the touch of a button for 3D fitting sessions. The statistical analysis is directly converted into finished dimensions for our designs.

New product segments – now we’re tackling completely new product groups – so how about pants? Thanks to the huge amount of data in iSize, we can develop the perfect size & fit for pants right away – and this enables us to quickly achieve a high level of product maturity. It’s all oh-so-easy!

Speed up your processes with 3D what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

  • iSize – Thanks to the world’s largest 3D sizing & fitting portal, you can integrate your customers’ sizing & fitting directly into your processes and systems, from market and target group analysis to 3D & CAD integration and avatar creation. iSize is the only portal that combines body measurements & body volumes and interactively integrates sizing & fitting knowledge into your systems.
  • 3D avatars – based on the comprehensive 3D body dimension data in iSize, you can generate avatars that represent your customers, target group and even individual models with just the touch of a button. The avatars are also available as digital fashion manikins.

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