Convince retailers digitally and get orders immediately

Convince your retailers with a digital concept that provides all information and all the ordering options.

Organize your showroom – we prepare the orders for each retailer in PLM in accordance with the sales level. All information, films and samples are digitally available. Everything fits together perfectly, collection and product presentation alike.

All-round digital information – our showroom complements our brands perfectly. The variants, information, advertising films and much more are all digitally available for every physical sample.

Digital orders placed on site or remotely – retailers can place their orders on site, using an iPad, Internet or AR. The orders go right into the system, so we always have an instant and complete overview of the sales situation.

Speed up your processes with 3D what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

  • Digital Showroom – The perfect software for on-site and remote order cycle management. Real and virtual showrooms effectively grow together. Store concepts, virtual samples and comprehensive information are all digitally accessible.
  • PLM.GoLive – Your first choice for managing 3D processes. Your data and processes are integrated into a seamless collection development process – from the initial idea to the store, with workflows and data from a single source.
  • Fashionboard – Moodboard or collection coordination. The Fashionboard offers every team a perfect view of all the content – with real data from PLM, CAD or 3D.

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