Get to your sample collection faster thanks to perfect samples

The design drafts for the new collection have arrived. As always, my team and I start developing the samples as quickly as possible – and thanks to 3D samples, our design concept is ready in no time at all.

Real & digital – we transfer the designer’s idea from 3D Vidya Sketch to Cad.Assyst and 3D Vidya. Each step quickly builds on the next and with the Vizoo Scanner we can even integrate the real fabrics and colors.

3D instead of sewn samples – We try out the new cuts on average-sized avatar customers in 3D – and we test all the variants. The changes we make are instantly available in both 3D and CAD – and PLM.GoLive displays the collection framework plan and documents all the product specifications.

Collection meeting – digitalization breathes life into the sample collection. Background images, colors and fabrics display the world of the collection interactively. Our designs fit on the 3D body as if they were on a real person. It immediately becomes clear to us which models we should include in the final collection. 3D makes the decision easy.

Speed up your processes with 3D – what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

  • 3D Vidya – the leading 3D software for the development of realistic 3D collections, based on real body dimension, cut and material data – for end-to-end, seamless processes from design all the way to the retailers.
  • PLM.GoLive – the first choice for managing your 3D processes. Data and processes are integrated into an end-to-end collection development process – from the initial idea to the store, with all your workflows and data from a single source.
  • Fashionboard – Moodboard or collection coordination. The Fashionboard offers every team a perfect view of all the content – with real data from PLM, CAD or 3D.
  • Fashion Cloud or Vuframe – with the right Cloud environment, you’ll get your content and data to where it’s needed, securely and fast.

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