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The collection is ready. Get it to the producer – and the sooner the better. Our models fit exactly, regardless of size.

A 3D sample becomes a product – in 3D Vidya we can use sizing & fitting avatars to accurately represent our target group, and it’s all done in the virtual world. No more surprises with bags or prints. PLM.GoLive accompanies the process and provides all data.

3D grading/2D CAD – the sizes range is ready in no time at all. Cad.Assyst shows us what really matters – in 3D. This really saves cutting professionals like us a lot of time during grading, and that’s real added value!

Get to the order automatically – all content is created for the producer via PLM.GoLive and Automarker, with all the relevant information and in the right language. The data is also converted for third party systems.

Speed up your processes with 3D – what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

  • 3D Vidya – the leading 3D software for the development of realistic 3D collections, based on real body dimension, cut and material data – for end-to-end, totally seamless processes from design to the retailers.
  • Sizing & fitting avatars – on-demand avatars with real body measurements can be created and used immediately in 3D Vidya, all based on iSize, the world’s most comprehensive 3D body measurement database.
  • Cad.Assyst – only Assyst links 3D and CAD, bringing you revolutionary short workflows from the first sketch all the way to the order.
  • PLM.GoLive – The first choice for managing your 3D processes. Your data and processes are integrated into a seamless collection development process – from the initial idea to the store, with workflows and data from a single source.
  • Automarker – you’ll reduce your preproduction timeframes and make considerable material savings with Automarker, the most successful Cloud platform for structured piece placement and order optimization.

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