The 3D collection goes right to the eShop and showroom

When the collection is ready, Sales & Marketing are already waiting at the starting line. Most of the photos and samples for eShop, showroom and advertising are created virtually.

The team

Product managers who want to take their collection right to the top of the tree.

A marketing team and agencies that are always under pressure – and they really want to deliver.

Get it all fast into the eShop – basics, like T-shirts and jeans come directly from the high-end rendering of 3D Vidya in our online store, with the right display and the right format.

Instantly in the showroom – our models are immediately available for ordering in the Virtual Showroom. We no longer need to duplicate the samples. You can organize the perfect store concept with PLM.

Virtual Photoshooting – the photos that we need for eShops and ads are created on SOOII avatars. Our model is available 24/7 and it’s exactly the type we want for our campaign – every time!

Speed up your processes with 3D what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

  • 3D Vidya – the leading 3D software for the development of realistic 3D collections, based on real body dimension, cut and material data – for end-to-end, totally seamless processes from design to the retailers.
  • sooii avatars – lifelike, high-end, 3D-based renderings that replace real photoshooting sessions.
  • Digital Showroom – the perfect software for on-site and remote order cycle management. Real and virtual showrooms effectively grow together. Store concepts, virtual samples and comprehensive information are all digitally accessible.
  • Cad.Assyst – only Assyst links 3D and CAD, bringing you revolutionary short workflows from the first sketch all the way to the order.

Do you want this too?

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