From idea to design in record time

High time for the new collection. We have the framework plan and Hong Kong is waiting.  Give the signal to start!

Creative & digital – no more pen and pinboard. On the Fashionboard, my Moodboard becomes a digital collection concept with all my photos, fabrics and trends that we’ve collected in the Trendscout app.

Quickly implement & coordinate – thanks to 3D Vidya Sketch, two sketches for the first piece are ready in no time at all – one of them is a bit conservative, but the other is more ‘outspoken’ with a new fabric (it’s my favorite!). Get it all into the Fashion Cloud.

Techpack & carry on – coordination between Frankfurt and Hong Kong takes only 10 minutes. We quickly implement the latest alterations live, because both teams can see all the models in 3D in both locations at the same time. We have a perfect 360° view on the Fashionboard and can quickly insert alterations just by touch. Now download the Techpack now and carry on.

Speed up your processes with 3D what you need to make your processes go a lot faster.

  • 3D Vidya Sketch – the new 3D software for designers. Quickly create drafts, coordinate them and transfer them directly to development.
  • Fashionboard –  Moodboard or collection coordination. The Fashionboard offers every team a perfect view of all the content – with real data from PLM, CAD or 3D.
  • Trendscout App – collect all the trends and ideas that you think could be promising. The new module for PLM.GoLive provides a clear overview and helps you to integrate anything that inspires you into your processes.

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