Assyst at the ISPO for the first time

ISPO (February 3-6, 2019) is the largest trade fair for the sports sector and Assyst will be there this year for the first time, in two jointly-run booths. The ISPO is now bigger than ever before, with around 239,198 square yards of exhibition space and a total of 18 halls.

We’ll show you that digitalization really works

In the new Hall C6, the exhibition spectrum has also been expanded in terms of content. In the ‘ISPO Digitize’ area, for example, visitors will see how the sporting goods industry is being made fit for the digital transition. Assyst will be in Hall C6 in Booth 701-2 as part of the Digital Textile Connection. The merger of individual technology companies aims to show that digitalization is not just a vision of the future – it’s already functioning perfectly today in the product development of clothing. The Digital Textile Connection pays special attention to the topic of color. Thanks to the integration of different technologies, binding color values are correctly transported across different process stages, regardless of the material involved. An actual physical garment originally developed with 3D Vidya looks exactly like its digital Vidya prototype did on screen – and if the same color is used on different materials such as fabric and a zipper, Digital Textile Connection technologies ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises after production.

Microfactory 4 Sports

Microfactories can produce individual garments in a short time, right before the eyes of the customer. At the ISPO, Assyst will also be part of the Microfactory 4 Sports show, which will produce ski pants live in Hall C4, Booth 10–3. The entire production process from design with 3D Vidya to printing, cutting and finishing will be demonstrated live. Shoes won’t be forgotten either – the Stoll company will produce automated 3D form-knitted outer fabrics for sports shoes at the joint booth in a live show and present the fully integrated process, from the 3D model of a shoe to the direct control of a flat knitting machine.


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