Automarker – our ‘costs guzzler’ for automatic marker placement is the Internet service platform for the automatic creation of markers, order optimization, marker conversion and data exchange. Thanks to Automarker, the material used for a garment can be optimally utilized.

Placing a marker works like baking cookies – the pieces are arranged in as space-saving a way as possible, just like the cookie cutouts on the dough! As little material as possible should remain unused. The laying of markers is necessary for all the surface materials of a model, for e.g. outer fabrics and linings. This is extremely time-consuming when done either manually or with stationary software – and it produces differing results depending on the user’s skills and habits. Automarker places your markers in a fully automatic process.

Automatic marker placement combined with Autocost (order optimization) guarantees optimal production preparation, material savings and transparency at all times in material and cutting costs. The result? Exact specifications for material provision and for placing the fabric layers.

It pays to save on material!

The proportion of the costs for the outer fabric of a garment is about 30%-40% of the sales price. At a turnover of €60 million, that makes around €18 million. If you can save just 1 percent, this corresponds to €180,000 – and that means an increase in profits of up to 10 percent.

The process solution

Thanks to the integration of ERP, CAD and all the way to the production partner, the complete process chain for the processing of production orders is supported. Automarker is an Internet service, so the customer doesn’t have to buy stationary software – and he always has the up-to-date version.

Who works with Automarker?

Around 280 of our customers use In 2016, approximately 900,000 marker placement orders involving around 2.9 million markers and more than 98 million pieces were processed for our customers.



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