Game changer - connect 2D & 3D

Upgrade your fashion design and start working in a completely integrated and automated digital world where 2D pattern and 3D sample update each other in real-time.

Seamless Workflow
Real-time Update

Design & Create,
Visual Fitting, 3D Sewing,
AI GC, Meta visual

Grading, Fitting, Production,
Technical Development,
Nesting, Fabric Forecasts

Why work with a seamless fashion design process?

Simply relying on isolated 3D or 2D fashion tools is no longer sufficient. once you have connected all steps along the process, the value of your 3D and 2D data will enhance with every step. The result: more output in shorter time without compromising quality.

How does 2D/3D Connect work?


Start with a 3D design in Style3D: Connect the pattern to Assyst.CAD and upgrade it with all the information your technical developers add.
Start with a 2D pattern: Connect an existing 2D pattern from Assyst.CAD to Style3D, visualize and sew your 3D garment.


Now, all changes in 3D or 2D will cross-update in real-time as you work.


The existing 3D visualization remains intact and only requires editing for new design or pattern elements.


The 2D pattern remains intact waiting for approval and additions by the pattern designer.

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