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3D sizing & fitting in development, e-shop and retail

Assyst has the largest 3D sizing & fitting portal in the world. It enables you to integrate the sizing & fitting of your customers directly into your processes and systems, with a chain of functions ranging from market & target group analyses to 3D and CAD integration and the creation of avatars – and iSize is also complemented by sizing & fitting-supported product recommendations in eCommerce.

The world’s largest 3D portal

Analysis, optimization and data – integrated directly into CAD and 3D.

3D avatars

Real and 3D avatars of your target group or your house model in 3D.

Sizing & fitting and eShop

Product recommendation based on sizing & fitting and actual sizes – available immediately.


Sizing & fitting as a competitive factor

How do we ensure quality abroad?

Using clear guidelines and practical tools, s.Oliver ensures fast, solid results from its production partners.


What does our customer actually look like?

Walbusch uses iSize to integrate current data on sizes, body shapes and postures from ‘Best Ager’ models into its product development.

How do we improve sizing & fitting in online shopping?

Using the very latest 3D body measurements and matching fashion manikins, the premium online store navabi creates competitive advantages in the market for plus sizes.


Competitive advantages thanks to knowledge

The special features of iSize


The most comprehensive database of body dimensions


The first portal with
3D body shapes


Powerful analysis tools

Digitalization to go

Market success with 3D sizing & fitting

Create a variety of competitive advantages with iSize – because it’s the only portal that combines body measurements and body volumes and interactively integrates sizing & fitting knowledge into your systems.

The world’s most comprehensive data pool

44 body dimensions and volumes of more than 100,000 men, women, children and babies obtained from 3D serial measurement surveys. 12,000 of these dimensions cover Germany – and they’re combined with demographic data.

International predictive power

Analyses for the central world regions of Asia, Europe and North America. Standardized and comparable results, from one country to another.

Easy access

Your iSize Portal account gives you instant access to data, avatar creation, and sizing & fitting analysis functions.

Analysis for markets and segments

You’ll have a reliable planning foundation for markets and products, including trade forecasts, market share analyses and target group selection by age, income or region.

Sizing and fitting optimization

Interactive adaptation of in-house size tables to match selected export markets. Simple calculation of size tables for new product segments, with result conversion.

Optimal size ranges

Review and further develop grading steps for all your markets and product segments, giving you uniform sizing & fitting in all standard sizes.

Uniform sizes system

Relabeling and size harmonization across all markets and segments, all the way to the standardization of sizes for the EU internal market. Letter size and size designation included.

Avatars in every standard size

By default, iSize contains 12 avatars in standard sizes of the SizeGERMANY serial measurement survey program. Fully functional Vidya avatars for your target group in just a few days.

Fashion manikins with real sizing & fitting

SizeGERMANY in different standard sizes or individual tailor’s dummies with a high level of practical functionality. Also available as 3D fashion manikins in Vidya.


The measurement system is compliant with ISO 8559 and ISO 7250.


Import interface for adapting cut pieces to new sizes in Cad.Assyst and Vidya.


Operation via the Assyst Fashion Cloud for flexible access to data and software. Hosting in a high security data center in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001.

Security & reliability for decision-making

The top 5 reasons for choosing iSize

Real 3D data of your target groups can significantly advance your business. That’s what our customers like about iSize.

See for yourself what sizing & fitting can do for you!

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