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    Pattern in, order out, costs down

Secure and seamless order transfer to suppliers – and transparent costs

Place markers, optimize and create orders – you can shorten your preproduction processes and make considerable savings on material with the most successful Cloud platform for structured marker placement and order optimization.

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Marker making to go

Off to production

With Automarker you can quickly create high-quality markers and manage and convert your data. Your production orders are then sent to your partners automatically, with no waiting times and always with the same impeccable quality – and of course automatically in the right language. You know the exact costs right from the start – thanks to Autocost.

Marker placement

Calculate markers in seconds. Set up marker placement instructions right away – for all fabrics and patterns, with detailed information on fabric, sizes, layers, fabric and cutter width.

Professional functionality

Flexible control options for distance, marker placement and attribute assignment ensure top results with complex repeats, waistbands and even tubular fabrics. Automarker also contains special placement scenarios for menswear and womenswear.


Structured placement in Automarker alone reduces material consumption by up to 3% – and the simplified communication with your suppliers and the simulation of placement and cost scenarios will bring you additional benefits.

Exact cost forecast

Autocost lets you create an exact consumption forecast based on realistic data before purchasing and planning. You can exploit all the optimization potentials, such as a comparison of marker and layer scenarios, split orders and the planning of extras.

Manage & convert data

Automarker accepts data from all the common CAD systems and can operate all common cutters and plotters. Markers can also be converted into all common formats. Your data will be stored in your account and updated immediately when changed.

Place an order

Immediate order transmission by e-mail or on the platform. Automarker completes all order documents and makes them available in the correct language. Changes are communicated immediately.

Use right away

Automarker is ready for immediate use. A comprehensive support section and our support team will help you get started.


Integration with Cad.Assyst, 3D Vidya and PLM.GoLive creates a seamless digital 3D fashion process, from the initial idea to the store.


Flexible access to data and software. Hosting in a high security data center in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001.

Ready for production at any time

Automarker and Autocost – in your front line

In pre-production, you chart the final course for the economic success of your products – and Automarker and Autocost are your staunch allies.

These are your possibilities! Experience Automarker live!

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